Santuario della Madonna di Montecastello    
The pilgrimage church with its gilded altar was built on a steep cliff in the 17th century. Up there you have a stunning view over Lake Garda. A small and beautiful trail guides you to the summit cross. The church is accessible through a paved road or a wonderful footpath. Next to the roadside you'll find the described waypaths. Trail head: Parking lot next to the street between Gardola and Prabione.   
Centro Visitatori Parco Alto Garda Bresciano    
In the visitor center you'll receive information about Lake Garda, the national park, flora and fauna and much more. You can also get very interesting information about how residents lived in the past.   
Chiesa di San Pietro
This church was built in the 16th to 17th century and offers a panoramic view. It is located approximately 200m away from the village which was established between middle bronze and the roman age. The village was renamed at the late dark age to Gardola. 
The church houses a small museum of graves of the dark age. Notably is the windows of the church which dates from the same era.
Chiesa di San Zenone    
Impressive middle age dated construction which got mentioned in a pontifical bull in 1187.   
Limonaia Pra de La fam     

The origin of lemon greenhouses dates back to the 13th century when the cultivation of lemons was introduced to the area of Lake Garda. The greenhouses are leftovers of the so called Limonaie. These are lemon gardens with high pillars surrounded by white walls. During winter months it was transformed into a huge greenhouse to protect the cirtus fruits.


Flying Frogs    
A park for adventurer in which you can climb and find a flying fox.
Moreover you can find hanging bridges.



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